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GoMine twinning!

GoMine twinning!

If you’re obsessed with your pet just as much as we are, then this is for you. We can make a pillow version of your pet!

Have you ever wanted to cuddle your dog but they just weren’t in the mood? Well, now you can cuddle the pillow version, 24/7!

GoMine creates customized pet pillows of your beloved furry (or non-furry) companion in 4 different sizes.

GoMine Pet Pillow

Leash and Paws - A Canadian Dog Walker Company: 

We ordered one of Chino … and OMG, it’s adorable! If it was just a bit bigger, I think we could pass it off as the real thing. The quality of the print and durability of the pillow is amazing. It’s also a great conversation starter for when guests come over and it definitely stands out.

GoMine Review

The best picture of Chino I had, unfortunately, had his lipstick showing, but they were able to put that eyesore away, haha. Thanks for that, GoMine!

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