Custom Pet Photo Pillow

$23.99 $24.95


Personalized Pet Pillow
(With your pet photo on it)

100% handmade & Made to order
(Worldwide Shipping)

Do you love your pets?
SO YES! You probably love having little reminders of your pets all-around your house, even if your pet is right next to you!

We understand that your pet is part of your family and deserves its own custom pet portrait.
The best way to create a unique pet portrait is to place them on a comfy pillow and use it to decorate your lovely home.

Okay! Let's turn your pet into a pillow!



Things to note:

  • We will remove the background of your photo,
    You only need to send us the original photo.
  • To see the preview of the mock up, please allow 2-5 business days.


We use your dog/cat picture that you submit to us, we create this personalized pet cushion that based on your pet shape for you to treasure and enjoy. It's the best gift for pet lovers!

Of course, it is not limited to Dogs or Cats, whatever photo you send to us, we are able you create!

Picture of your fish, hamster, lizard...even your friends and family, whatever you would like! We make pillows that look like your pets!
Who wouldn't love having a pillow made from an actual photograph of your own beloved pet?

Send us your photo now, we make it as a unique gift for you!