3 Best DIY Dog Costume Ideas to Turn Some Heads & Elicit A Few Aww's!

3 Best DIY Dog Costume Ideas to Turn Some Heads & Elicit A Few Aww's!

Are you one of those true-blue pet parents who can't let go of any opportunity to dress him up? If yes, welcome to the team!:)  

I totally understand how enticing it is to get your pup ready for any event. Starting from ‘Dress Up Your Pet Day’ in January to Halloween in October, or presenting him in a Dog's show, or just participating in parades- any excuse works for us throughout the year, right?  

Well, now there are two options to make your dog garner some real affection just by dressing up. Either you can head to a store to buy some ready-made doggy costume or rely on your creative side to make a new one.

For me, there is only one option- making my furry friend's costume on my own. It's not because I'm super creative or something, it's just that I don't really trust on comfortness of ready-made products.  

So if you also think the same, or only just want to make a howling good costume with a few materials and a pinch of your imagination, here is what you need to see.

Yes, I've scared up 3 most creative DIY dog costume ideas that can lead you to make some amazing outfits. So, hold tight, sit for the spell, and have some brew as I am going to prove that anyone can be crafty. Here you go!

Easy DIY Dog Costumes

Before starting with this DIY guide, one thing I would like to mention is, put safety first. Make sure you make such costumes, which don't prevent your dog from seeing, hearing, breathing, or moving. Else, you may end up hurting him unintentionally.  

However, without further second's delay, check out the cheap homemade dog costumes which you can design easily. 

 1)The Fluttering Butterfly

Your dog's favourite jacket and a few craft materials are what you need to make a cute little winged costume. The best thing is, you don't need to sew anything, and still, you can give your pup a show's topper look. Wondering how? Take a look at the step-by-step process of designing this DIY dog costume. 

Required Materials

  • 4 sheets of glitter card stocks of 2 different colours
  • A pair of scissors
  • A foam sphere
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pet-jacket or any cloth, which attaches under the tummy 

How to Make This Costume?

Step 1: At first, draw the shape of a wing on a glitter card stock

Step 2: Cut it by the outline with the help of scissors

Step 3: Take another card stock and draw a wing in the opposite direction

Step 4: Again, cut by the outline

Step 5: Your 2 wings are ready, follow the same process for rest 2 wings

Step 6: Now take the foam sphere and make 4 vertical slits


Step 7: After that, insert the wings into the foam and place firmly by applying the hot glue gun

Step 8: Finally, glue the winged foam on the jacket or cloth and dress your pet

 2) The Lion's Mane

Need to whip up a dog costume on the fly? Well, I've got you covered. Lion's Mane is an easy costume for the dog, plus this one is so comfy and gorgeous that your buddy will thank you letter for turning him into the king of the jungle. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the process below and make your dog roar.  

Required Materials

  • 5-8 pieces of felt of different colours 
  • 1 package of snap tape, which includes stud and socket
  • A pair of scissors
  • A hot glue gun 

How to Make This Costume?

Step 1: Firstly, take 2 pieces of felt and cut into two triangles which are sized appropriately for covering your dog's head

Step 2: Place the snap tape on the long edge of both of the triangles, make sure it covers the head and chest of your pet while attached

Step 3: Now make ears by cutting the felt into two pieces of 3" square shaped

Step 4: After that, cut both of the pieces from the middle and joining the base with hot glue gun and give it a cone shape

Step 5: Now start creating the Mane, take 2 or 3 felt of different colours and 2 to 4 inches width

Step 6: Fold each of the strip half lengthwise and create small slits every 1/4" of the entire length

Step 7: Once done, attach these strips on the base triangle with the hot glue gun 

Step 8: Do the same for the chest-felt piece also

Step 9: Finally, dress your pet by attaching the snap tapes together

 3. The Court Jester

Is your pup too playful to handle? If yes, then why not honor his inner clown while making the easy DIY dog costumes? Colourful fabric remnants and a little bit of sewing can give your dog the Court Jester look. Here is the step-by-step process to help you pull this off.  

Required Materials

  • Felt in 8 different colours
  • 11 jingle bells
  • Fiberfill 
  • Sewing machine 

How to Make This Costume?

Step 1: At first, make shapes like the below images on 2 separate paper

Note: You will be required to have 1 horn, and 1 hat piece cut out from each of the 6 felt colours. Along with that, you will need 6 hat pieces cut out from the red felt as the base will be made of red felt only. 

Step 2: Cut the horn and hat shape from the paper and place it on each of the felt to get the same shaped horn and hat cut out

Step 3: Now, sew 2 horn shapes of different colours together and carefully turn inside out

Note: Make sure you leave the bottom open for stuffing

Step 4: It's time to assemble the hat by placing all on the surface like the below image

Step 5: Now, you have to hand-sew the horns to attach those onto the colourful hat base

Step 6: Next, cut 2 strips of the red felt and make sure it covers the neck of your dog 

Step 7: Attach the strips, and all the red felt at the base of the colourful hat

Step 8: Add straps at the edge of each red strips

Step 9: Now start making the collar by taking 8 different colours of felt cut out of the shape shown in the below image

Step 10: Take 8 same shaped cut out from the red felt

Step 11: Sew the red and colourful felts together leaving one side open for fiber filling

Step 12: Once you are done with stuffing, sew the opened places and attach jingle bells

Step 13: That's all! You're ready with this easy costume for dog 

So, which one you think is the best? The non-sew ones or the Court Jester costume? Do tell us in the comment box below. Also, if you have got any ideas of making cheap homemade dog costumes, share with us in the same box. Stay connected for more guides. Adios!


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