5 Nose Work for Dogs That You Must Know Right Away!

5 Nose Work for Dogs That You Must Know Right Away!

Did you know that dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors, where humans have only 6 million?

Yes, it's true. And probably that's why we can give them the tag of 'Masters of Smell' without any hesitation.

Plus, the smell-analyzing part of a dog's brain is 40 times bigger than humans. So, there is no doubt that your canine friend experiences the world, mostly by smell.

Then what can be better than using your pup's strength for his own good? 

It's beneficial, trust me; your fur-bud will thank you later. Simple nose work for dogs can encourage their natural love of sniffing in a fun way while provides them adequate mental stimulation.

If you want to give your dog proper training through nose games and channelize his energy in the right direction, stay glued.

Here I have shared the best 5 dog nose work games to help you in sharpening your dog's smelling sense. So what are you waiting for? Scroll through and have a look right now.

Get Started with the 5 Best Dog Nose Work Games

In everyday life, we often forgot to train our dogs to harness their strength. But playing nose games will make your dog understand that you're encouraging his love of sniffing.

However, nose games or scent games are quite fun to dogs of any age. So, no matter whether you own a puppy or an old dog, get started with these 5 dog nose work games. 

Indoor Nose Games for Dogs

I know how hard it is to keep your dog entertained while staying behind the locked doors.

So, having enough ideas to keep your dog engaged is mandatory. Scent games are one of the best ways to offer him fun while enriching his mind.

I am sharing 3 nose training for dogs to play indoor. Take a look below. 

  1. Hidden Food Puzzle

This is a scent game, in which your dog has to find the hidden food by recognizing its smell. To play this game, you need an empty box, tennis balls, or dog toys or confetti will also work, and your dog's favorite food. Get these items together and then follow the steps below.  

Step 1: First, put the food into the box

Step 2: Now, fill it with the filler you've got

Step 3: At this point, ask your dog to find the food

Note: You can blindfold your dog as well, only if he allows.  

Each time you must change the location of the food so that you can add enough mental stimulation to the game. 

  1. Magic Trick

Is your dog ready to see some magic? Well, Well, he will be! Just take 4 to 5 plastic cups or something more substantial, your pup's favorite cookie, and keep him right beside you. After that, follow the below steps. 

Step 1: Place the cups in a circle first

Step 2: Then, hide the food under one cup while your dog is watching

Step 3: Now, ask him to turn around put him in another room 

Step 4: After that, change the location of the cups and take your dog back

Step 5: Then, ask him to find the food

 Once he finds it, praise him and let him have the treat.

  1. Find the Scent Trail

This is an advanced level nose training for dogs. If you want your dog to master the sense of smell, this nose work for dogs can be a good one to opt for.

You just need a few scented stuff like a cotton ball damped in essential oil, a few pieces of clove, anise, cypress, and a few glass jars. Grab all these products first, then start with the below steps.  

Step 1: First, take the cotton ball and damp it with essential oil

Step 2: Now put the ball into a glass jar and introduce the scent to your dog

Note: Hold the glass jar right beside your dog's nose and give him a reward once he sniffs. Now do this for all the items you've taken. 

Step 3: Next, keep your dog out of sight and place the jars at different locations of your house

Step 4: At this point, call your dog back and ask him to find all the jars

Step 5: Once he finds the first jar, reward him, and keep doing the same for each jar he finds 

When you reward your pup from time to time, it reinforces that the idea of a reward is connected to the scent he finds.

So, he will be more enthusiastic about finding all. If you want to make the game more interesting, ask your friend to hide the jars in your and your dog's absence. 

Outdoor Nose Games for Dogs

If you think your dog is getting bored by playing the same fetch game each afternoon, it's time to change the way you play. Yes, you can easily count on the dog nose work games while playing with your dog outside.

I have shared the best outdoor nose games for dogs below. These games will strengthen the smelling sense and offer your dog a full quotient of mental stimulation. Take a look. 

  1. Box Search

You need an open space to play this game because you have to create Treasure-zones start with this nose game. Apart from an open space, you need 15 empty boxes of different sizes and your dog's favorite food; once you have all, set up the game by following the below steps.  

Step 1: First take 5 boxes for each of the three treasure zones

Step 2: Hide your dog's favorite food under 2 boxes for each zone and leave the rest empty

Step 3: Now turn the boxes upside down and place them far from each other

Note: You need to leave enough space to let your dog move around the boxes.

Step 4: Now call and lure your dog by holding some food (part of the same one you hid) and take him to the first zone

Step 5: Give him the one you were holding in your hand and ask him to find more

Note: Do the same thing for each zone and keep rewarding your dog whenever he finds one.  

It's a good game to keep your pup engaged while playing outdoor. 

  1. New Animal Scent

Dogs are born with the instinct of preying other predators or competitors. You need to take advantage of this natural behavior to play this game. If you have a pet-owner friend, ask him to help you.

Give him an old towel to get his pet's scent, plus a few drops of the pet's urine on it. Anything like dog, cat, hamster, ferret, or the scent of a parrot will work. Once you have the towel, rub it well to spread the scent and then follow the below steps.  

Step 1: First, take your dog out of the sight while planting the scented towel

Step 2: Now call him back and tell him that another animal is here

Step 3: Use short, impactful words like "Search," "Go for it," etc., to make him understand what you want

Step 4: When he finds the towel, reward him instantly 

That’s all! Now you have plenty of ideas to work on your dog’s smelling strength. Keep rotating the games at least twice a week.

Add different angles to make these nose games more interesting and entertaining to your dog.

For further queries, drop a comment in the below box. Also, let me know which one is your dog’s favorite from this list. Stay connected for more pet guides. Happy Petting!

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