Do Dogs Get Bored? 4 Hacks to Cheer Up Your Pup!

Do Dogs Get Bored? 4 Hacks to Cheer Up Your Pup!

Life is not a 'Dog-Park-Visit.' You might understand that, but does your pup think the same?

Maybe not. Dogs are social creatures, and they can be easily bored if you don't provide him with enough attention.

Your dog stays idle at home while you're at work. So, it's inevitable for your home-alone pup to find something interesting to do.

But what seems excellent fun to your dog, it can often be destruction for your home.  

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You must note that your pup is not doing anything out of spite. Spite is quite a human trait, not a canine one.

Dogs are very honest. Your fur-buddy isn't going to give you a sweet goodbye kiss when you're leaving for work and start plotting even before your car leaves the driveway.

It's just that, when he is bored, his attempts for cheering himself don't sit well with yours. So, do dogs get bored? Yes, of course.

Then how to make him happy or keep him engaged before he turns your house into his playground? Scroll down to know it below. 

Is My Dog Bored? How to Understand?

A healthy, playful, energetic dog doesn't have an off-switch attached. When he becomes bored with not getting enough attention or toys or interaction with you, he can be frustrated and act in a way, which may seem inappropriate to you. 

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The signs of the boredom of your dog aren’t hard to find, but dealing with it can be a challenge for you, especially when you are all caught up with work.

Unless you have kids or other pups to become his playmate and take up the slack, you've to do something to keep your pup engaged.

So first, let me answer your question- 'Is my dog bored?' and then I will move to the easy hacks to keep your dog engaged. 

Barking and Whining to Seek Attention

Well, a number of things are there to make your dog bark, but boredom is a common one.

My pup is not shy at all when it comes to making me aware of his boredom. He'll directly come to me nudge my hand, and if I don't pay attention, he'll start howling and whining when my dog is bored.

So, our all-time companions always know how to catch our attention. 

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Some dogs don't bother to whin or even bark. Instead, they'll get right up on your face or lap when they are bored.

These behaviors are clear signs of boredom, and you must do something to entertain him. 

Destructive Chewing

It really doesn't matter whether you've spent an arm after buying dog toys, your pup is built to chew and he will.

Moreover, bored dogs can put their teeth on whatever is in reach. So, you may find a tattered rug, a hole on the wall, or a chomped-up sofa after coming home from work.  

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Chewing is fun to your dog, and it can happen at any age. The prime times are when your pup is losing his teeth in the 16th week or when his back morals are coming in at 7 months.

Other than these times, this chewing behavior is a clear indication of your dog's boredom. 

Hyper Greetings or Escaping

Does your dog greet you over the top when you come home? Does he zoom around the place, jump up, or ignore you when you try to calm him or ask him to sit?

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If yes, take this behavior as a sign of a dog's boredom. Also, if you find that your dog escapes too often in spite of having a beautiful playground, this a clear sign.  

Your fur-bud is supposed to be happy after seeing you at home, but if he acts like a crazy beast, it means he's been bored all day.

After having his favorite person home, all that pent-up energy just explodes on you. In the case of escaping, your yard may seem like a jail to your home-alone pup, and he ought to jailbreak to have some doggy fun. 

These are the common behaviors, which should make you think, “My dog is bored, and I need to keep him entertained.” But how? Learn it below. 

How to Keep Your Dog Happy & Engaged? 

You know your dog best. You can try a few different strategies to keep him happy and engaged.

There is no harm in trying a set of hacks at once, especially when these will work effectively to stop the boredom of your dog. Have a look at the hacks now. 

Bring Some New Toys

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Pups seem to get bored with the same old toys day after day. For a singleton pup, 8 to 10 toys are enough.

Keep rotating the toys to make it interesting when your pup plays with them in your absence. You can set up a schedule and swap the toys every 2 or 3 days. 

Help Him Chew

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You can provide legal chewing opportunities to your dog. Teething puppies need something for gnawing and relieving their tender gums.

But a dog of any age can engage in chewing to burst the stress or boredom. You can go for canine safe chew-options like dental chews, or rawhide chews to ensure your carpet doesn't get ripped next time when you're not home. 

Let Him Kick-up Dirt

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Dogs love to kick-up dirt as it keeps them engaged. Without an outlet, your bored pup may dig up your well-potted palm and ruin your yard.

You can forestall this by giving him a sandbox with hidden toys. If your dog gets a place where he is permitted to dig, you don't need to worry further. 

Use Toy Alternatives

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Does your dog enjoy listening to music or watching animal programs on your TV? If yes, tune your TV to his favorite program so he can enjoy the squirrel antics or animal fights when you go out.

Alongside this, you can also use caged animals like mice, hamsters, fish, or birds as toy alternatives. But make sure your smaller critters are safe and not stressed by the long staring or yerning attention o your pup.  

That’s all! So, do dogs get bored? Yes, they do. Do you know how to burst his boredom? Yes, that also I told you right above. So, let me know in the comment box which trick worked for you the best. Stay connected for more pet-guides. Adios!

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