How to be a Good First Time Puppy Owner

How to be a Good First Time Puppy Owner

Bringing home a new puppy is one of the most exciting times of anyone’s life; however, first-time puppy owners often do not realize what they are getting into until they are a few days in and their shoes are chewed up, the couch has been peed on, and you’ve been jumped on, pawed, and licked all over. Puppies are loving, playful, and can be a wonderful addition to your home if you know how to be the best first-time puppy owner. Use our tips and tricks to be a great dog parent.

  1. Crate Training- One of the best things you can do for your puppy is crate train them. Caging your dog might feel cruel at first, but dogs love being in their crates and seek out space as a safe place for them to sleep and be alone when they want. Dogs like the confinement of having a “den” to sleep in and this will help your home not be destroyed while training is in progress.

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  2. Supervise- Puppies need to be treated like babies. When they aren’t asleep in their bed/crate, they need to be watched like a hawk and supervised. Puppies chew and paw and scratch and first-time puppy owners may struggle to protect the puppy, and their home, if they leave their new dog unsupervised.

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  3. Consistency- Consistency is key when it comes to being a good first-time puppy owner. Choose a potty spot in the yard where you want the new puppy to go and use that spot each time you take the puppy out. Use the same commands each time you do training, don’t let your dog have a treat without working for it, every time, and most importantly, stay consistent with the rules. If the dog isn’t allowed on the couch, don’t let him up sometimes, then try to correct the behavior other times, this leads to confusion and mistrust. Routine is a part of consistency as well.

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  4. Veterinary Appointments- The first thing you should do when you bring your new puppy home is to make a veterinary appointment for your puppy. These new puppy appointments are important to getting your dog established with a vet so they can get care whenever it is needed. You will also need to keep up with vaccines, rabies, and spaying or neutering. Established relationships with veterinarians are also important to have because they can be a great resource for pet owners in behavior issues, as well as general care and advice.

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  5. Socialization- Making sure your puppy is people-friendly and socialized is very important otherwise you will have a hard time taking your dog out in public. Socialization should be done as soon as puppies can be weaned from their mothers through handling, petting heads, stomachs, backs, touching their paws, nails, tail, ears, and teeth. You should introduce your puppy to new people daily by practicing walking on a leash at Petco, or other dog-friendly places.

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  6. Leash Training- One of the most important skills for first-time puppy owners to master with their new dog is proper leash training. There are several different trainers with different approaches to leash training, but no matter which approaches you choose, it is something that must be done. Most cities have leash laws, and leashes also help you stay in control of your dog and keep the dog safe as well.

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  7. Avoid the Dog Park- Just like newborns, puppies who are not fully vaccinated can become very sick by visiting dog parks and other public places where there are many dogs. Dog parks are also not the best for puppies that are not completely socialized yet and bad experienced with other dogs can be damaging to a puppy’s personality and temperament.

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  8. Microchip- The worst thing that can happen to a first-time puppy owner is for the puppy to run away or get stolen. Microchipping your dog is the only sure way of being able to identify the dog and your ownership of it if the dog gets lost and picked up by animal control. Microchipping can be done through almost any rescue, animal control, or veterinary offices for less than $25.

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  9. Provide lots of Stimulation- Puppies have a lot of energy and you need to provide your puppy with proper exercise and stimulation through at least one or two walks per day, lots of toys, chewy treats, and training throughout the day to curb inappropriate behavior like chewing the couch or scratching walls.

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  10. Love Your Puppy- Your puppy needs to know you love it and will protect it. You should never hit your puppy or act aggressively through the new puppy including not yelling. Puppies need to love you in order to respect you and a scared dog will never trust its owner. Puppies will want to please their owners if they love and respect their owners, and this includes responding to commands and following the rules.

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Being a first-time puppy owner will be one of the most fun, but also a very trying time in your life. Puppies can be destructive and chaotic, but with proper training from a great first-time puppy owner, your new addition will become part of the family and you, apart of its pack, very quickly. Your home will return to peace and you’ll settle into a routine within just a few months to enjoy the years ahead by following our tips for success.

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