How to Stop Dog Barking at TV? Easy & Effective Tricks You Must Try!

How to Stop Dog Barking at TV? Easy & Effective Tricks You Must Try!

My corgi, Neo, used to bark the second I turn on my TV. He barked at anything coming on the big screen.

Think about how frustrating it was for me! Talking about such a day, I got back home after long tiring hours, then took Neo for a walk, and then sunk into my favorite couch to stream the latest series on Netflix.

To my utter dismay, my pup freaked out as soon as he got a glimpse! Each time I try to watch something on TV, he used to react in the same way. So, I decided to put a stop to it and find a way out.  

Guess what? Now my Neo sits with me and watches whatever I play on the TV screen. Well, it took me some time, though, but I guess the patience worth it.

Since I have a clear understanding of such awful situations, I decided why not help other pet parents who are dealing with similar stuff.

So, if you are also getting tired of thinking 'how to stop dog barking at TV?' Here, check my guide and use the tricks to prevent your pup from barking at your TV. Scroll it down now.  

Why Does My Dog Bark at Animals on TV?

I've heard many pet owners asking for resolutions because their dog barks at animals on TV. Well, all our canine friends are different. You really can't figure out and control when, where, how, which thing triggers your dog and he starts barking. 

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However, dogs get attracted to movable things, especially when they watch and recognize anything on the TV screen.

They start barking either out of excitement or stress. It can be an animal on the screen, cartoon, or just a video.

Basically, any auditory or visionary stimuli or stressors can irk your dog. So, you must use some workarounds to stop dog barking at TV. What tricks to apply then? Learn it right below.  

Top 2 Hacks to Stop Dog Barking at TV

Many people think that training a dog not to bark on TV is a complicated task. But trust me, it's not. If you know the tricks and know the proper way of applying it, you'll probably not be asking anymore, 'Why does my dog bark at animals on TV?'

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I have listed 2 best methods to stop dog barking at TV. You may have to try both to find out which one works best depending on your dog's temperament and personality.

Before you start the training process, you need to keep a few things handy, food, and toy to incentivize him, mutt muffs to cover his ears. If your pup is barking on TV for many years, you may need 3 to 4 weeks of training to stop him. Check out the methods now.  

Method 1: The Time Out

In this process, you have to first turn on your TV and wait for your furry pal to bark. Don't get too comfy once you turn the TV on, because you will get back up quickly.  

As soon as your pup starts barking, grab him and put him out of the room, maybe in a separate room or in his creat. Isolate him by closing the door and wait for 30 seconds. Once 30 seconds passed, you must retrieve him and get him back into the TV room.  

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Note: Always remember, you must not shout while applying this trick else; it may terrify your pup, and the situation may turn into something else. You must do it in a calm and confident way, give him as least attention as possible. 

Once you bring him back, if he starts barking again, do the same. But this time, add more 30 seconds into his period of isolation. Keep doing the same until he realizes the more he barks, the worst the punishment becomes 

Do time out training for 3 or 4 weeks continuously. Your pal will get the message slowly and reduce his intensity of barking.

At this time, you must try reinforcing the calm behavior with treats like toys, food, or just praise him. The combination of time out technique and reward will help him learn how he should behave while you're watching TV.  

Method 2: The Behavior Modification Process

Implementing the behavior modification process is another best way to change your dog's reaction towards the TV. This simple training procedure is known as counter-conditioning and desensitization. 

To start this training process, you have to first keep surprise treats hidden in a container. You must cut the high-value treats into pea-sized pieces to fuel your dog's excitement.  

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Next, sit on your couch, make your pup sit next to you, and play an animal DVD, or you can search from YouTube. Whenever there is a bird or snake on the screen, watch your pup's reaction. If he is about to bark, feed him from your container and show him some affection.  

Note: If you notice your dog reacts more while watching a dog or horse or a tiger on the big screen, rather than watching a bird or fish, you must consider playing the videos with mild stimuli first.  

You must gradually increase the stimulation factor. The longer the bark-triggering figure stays on the screen, the more treats your pup must get. Once such a figure leaves the screen, sit back, and wait for the next opportunity. 

Note: In case you are offering him food as a treat, don't forget to cut these extra calories from your pal's lunch or dinner bowl.  

Repeat the process consistently for 3 to 4 weeks. Thus your dog will get accustomed to it. Next time, whenever he sees an animal or any bark-including figure on the screen, he will ask for treats rather than barking on your TV.

After a few months, you can gradually wean him off the high-value treats and move to an occasional bit or cookie to keep his this no-react mindset strong.  

The counter-conditioning and desensitization method worked best for my Neo. Both of these tricks slowly build up your pup’s tolerance to all those crazy stuff happening on TV.

Try both of these training processes and let me know in the comment box, which one transformed your dog’s reaction. Stay connected for more pet-guides. Adios!

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