How to Get Fleas off My Dog? 5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

How to Get Fleas off My Dog? 5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

Is your dog getting tired of scratching his whole body again and again? Well, dogs generally groom themselves by scratching or licking their different body parts.

But when your fur buddy scratches himself excessively and stays agitated all the time, you must check whether there is an infestation of fleas in your home or not.  

Yes, in case the fleas have moved into your house, those tiny, blood-sucking parasites are going to irritate you and your dog both. So, getting rid of these unwelcomed freeloaders is a must if you don't want to see your dog scratching himself around all the time.

Are you thinking now, "how to get fleas off my dog?" Stay affixed, 12 years of pet parenting has made me see and overcome different situations. Hence, I've got you covered.  

3 years ago, I suddenly noticed behavioral changes in my dog. He would scratch his every part of the body along with imprudent barking out of no reason. It was pretty clear to me that my canine friend is in pain, and he needs medical attention immediately (till then, I was unaware of these little creatures.)

However, I went to my vet, and she examined my dog thoroughly only to find out these hidden bloodsuckers. She gave me the flea controlling medication along with a shampoo. Also, she taught me how to be sure if my dog gets fleas again.  

For that time, I was happy because my pup got treated. But to my utter surprise, my dog keeps getting fleas back every now and then.

So, a permanent solution was required, because I haven’t ever preferred using chemicals repetitively to treat my dog. Guess what? I found the best way to get fleas off a dog. Not one, but a handful of natural ways. Scroll down to check each of them.  

How to Know if Your Dog Has Fleas?

Fleas are a nuisance, small, fast, and dark; so you may not see them on your dog's body. But if you make your dog stand on a white towel and comb his hair thoroughly, you may see the black pepper-like flea dirt on the towel.

Along with that, you can check for flea eggs on dogs. If your dog has light-coloured hair, then finding flea eggs can be difficult. But you can look for redness or rashes on your dog's body.  

When my dog keeps getting fleas, I check for skin coloration and hair loss because his skin is allergic to the flea infestation. However, your dog may not show the same, but in case you see him nipping, scratching, or biting his own body over and over, do look for other symptoms.

When the situation becomes serious, your dog can even have pale gums. Yes, having pale gum is a sign of anemia which means your pup's body is failing to produce new blood cells as per the demand.

Whenever you identify all these signs, take your dog to your vet immediately. Give him proper medication if the infection is too serious. If not, you can try the below mentioned best ways to get fleas off a dog. Here you go! 

What is the Best Way to Get Fleas off a Dog? How to Get Fleas off My Dog with Home Remedies?

Before you proceed with the methods, let me tell you one thing. If you want instant results, you have to stick to the process of chemical treatment.

Simultaneously, you can opt for these home remedies, though. In case you think there is time for a slow but permanent curing process, resist yourself from using the chemical products and try these 5 things to get fleas off your dog.  

  1. Give Your Pet a Bath

Keeping your dog clean is the best way to get fleas off a dog. Just take lukewarm water, use a mild soap and give your dog a proper bath. If you think of using a flea shampoo, take advice from your vet first. You can use a citrus Castile soap also to have a better effect but make sure you use the soap after protecting the inflamed or raw spots on your dog's skin.

Yes, the chemicals in a flea shampoo or a soap can burn the infected areas on the skin. So, it's better to avoid any chemical riched product if your dog has sensitive skin. However, clean your dog's body with a small circular motion and make sure you wash every part of his body, especially the soft areas.  

  1. Use a Fine-Tooth Flea Comb

After giving your dog a proper bath, you must use a fine-tooth flea comb to run it through his body. A flea comb works effectively to remove flea poop, flea eggs, flea dirt, and of course, fleas from your dog's body.

While using the comb, make sure that you're covering each body part, especially around the neck and rear end. Fleas tend to get accumulated on the soft body parts with dense hair. So, running the comb all through your dog's body is important.  

  1. Kill Each Flea You See

Killing the fleas is as important as taking them out from your pup's body. These red to brown creatures can jump a long-distance relative to their size. If a standard-sized human could have the same jumping ability, he could jump 295 feet across and 160 feet high!

I know it's hard to digest this fact. But it's true. So, make sure you kill each flea you see. While combing your dog's hair, if you find fleas on the comb, just dip it instantly in hot soapy water. Don't try to crush the flea as this can be a daunting task, and it can fly onto your hair as well. 

  1. Run Regular Check-Ups

Getting rid of fleas is not a cakewalk. You have to be consistent and determined. Yes, if you think combing your dog's hair once will soothe his flea-pain then hold your thoughts. You need to comb your dog's hair at least thrice in a week.

This is because fleas don't stay on your pet for long. They jump off your pet and run into your carpet or sofa or bed when done with eating. So, running regular check-ups will give you the opportunity to remove as many fleas as possible from your dog's body.  

  1. Get the Fleas Out of Your Home

Removing fleas out of your puppy's body is just one part. Here comes the second and most important part- getting fleas out of the house. Else, no matter how well you take care of your dog’s flea treatment, you're never going to get a permanent solution. If you have pile carpet in your home, consider removing that and start using Berber carpet.

I know it can be a little difficult to change the home set up, but you must know that pile carpets provide comfortable habitants to pests. On the other hand, Berber carpets are unfriendly to pests.

Along with changing carpets, if you want to permanently resolve the flea problem steam clean your carpets, sofa covers, curtains at least twice in 6 months. Plus, run the vacuum cleaner all over your house at least twice in a week and throw the debris instantly after collecting.  

That’s all! I have shared the best ways to to get fleas off a dog. Now it’s your turn to apply each method and share the result with me in the comment box below. Before I end, here is a quick tip for you. If your dog is allergic to flea infestation, use coconut oil to soothe his red or inflamed skin. Stay connected for more pet guides. Happy Petting!

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