7 Effective Ways to Get Perfect Dog Proof Furniture

7 Effective Ways to Get Perfect Dog Proof Furniture

Let's face it! It is not easy to be a pet parent. There must be days when all of us have felt pretty annoying because of our puppies.

I mean, after a long day at the office, you just come back home only to find out that your canine friend has destroyed your favorite couch.

It is a terrible sight, indeed. Are you tired of the same situation? Well, I have tried a few hacks, after which things got changed at my place.

Tojo, my 4 years old Labrador, does not do the same anymore. Even if he gets annoyed and tries to scratch my dog proof couch, it does not work for him. 

Wondering, how did I change things? 

Here, I’m going to share all the easy hacks to save your furniture from the claws & paws of your puppy. Go through the article here and learn ‘how to protect sofa from dog.’ 

How to dog-proof furniture? Easy Tricks You Should Know!

Almost 3 years ago, I bought an office chair to pull off some work from home projects comfortably. My puppy was 6 months old at that time.

His “chew-anything” phase was yet to over, but I haven’t ever imagined that my newly purchased office chair had to be the victim of my pup’s tiny piercing teeth. Yes, one day, I left him alone at home for 2 hours maximum.

When I returned, I found the cushion cover of my chair was torn apart, and filling materials were coming out of it. I had nothing to do except say, “C’mon bud, I’ve paid for it.”

Anyway, that day I completely realized that I couldn’t afford to lose another piece of furniture, so I ought to find a way to protect them. Guess what? My quest for a solution led me to find not one, rather 7 effective ways to get perfect dog proof furniture. I have shared them all below. Scroll down and have a look. 

Using Dog Proof Couch

Dogs usually love to be a couch potato. If your pup also finds your couch the most comfortable place to sleep or take rest, then using a cover will be a wise decision.

Sometimes dogs become so bored that they chew items to relieve anxiety. Though a well-trained dog chews only toys, there are instances where they also chew couches and cushions.

If this is the case with you, also, you can opt for buying a pet bed. Yes, a pet bed is dedicatedly manufactured to render the maximum comfort to your pup.

So, once you train your dog to sleep on the pet bed, you can expect less wear and tear on your favorite couch. If not a pet bed, you can also have a dog-proof couch by using covers.

Not only do they shield your furniture from unnecessary shredded hair, but can also discourage your dog from chewing or scratching it. 

Use Dog Proof Furniture Covers

If you want to protect your furniture, there’s no way better than using dog proof furniture covers. No matter what kind of destructive behavior your dog shows, including scratching, jumping, drooling, shedding hair, the cover will usually protect your furniture from all the problems.

The best thing is, usually, furniture covers are designed to fit any size of chair or couch. Moreover, most of them are made from good and easy to wash fabrics. But using furniture cover may downgrade your furniture’s proper looks. In that case, you may consider using furniture protectors from dogs. 

Get Dog Proof Furniture by Using Easy to Clean Fabrics

Using easy to clean fabrics on your furniture cover is the very first step towards dog proofing your furniture. No matter how well-groomed or how well-mannered your dog is, he will bring dirt or debris and leave those inside your house.

And finally, when he gets back to sit on your sofa, we all know what happens next! Washing your furniture cushion and covers is the only way to remove the dirt and odor.

Thus, you have to choose fabrics that are easy to clean and dry. Above all, get something which can last long even after a number of washes.  

Pet-Friendly Sofa Covers

There was a time when I almost got puzzled thinking ‘how to protect sofa from dog.’ After extensive research work, I came to know that there exist some sofa covers that genuinely protect your sofa from your dog.

The material used in pet-friendly sofa covers are soft velvet, which are too tightly stitched for any claws or teeth to pierce.

Along with that, the fabric of such sofa covers don’t make the dog hair stick, so cleaning becomes super easy. Though a cover will enfold the amazing look of your sofa, if you want to keep your sofa free from any wear or tear, using such furniture protectors from dogs is mandatory.  

Give Your Dog Something to Chew

Sometimes dogs chew things out of anxiety. Be sure to give your dog chew toys to keep him occupied, especially if you are not at home. Some chew toys are designed to hide treats inside them, so your dog will be more enthusiastic about freeing the treat from the chew toy rather than chewing your couch.

The extensive chewing behavior is mostly found in dogs at an early age. If you have a puppy, then you must add some chew toys into his toy bucket. Alongside, train your puppy not to chew anything else rather than his toys. Doing so at an early age will reinforce a good habit in your dog.  

Manicure Your Dog’s Nails and Keep Him Well Groomed 

If you don’t want to spend so much money on furniture protectors from dogs, another easy way to protect your furniture is by trimming your dog’s nails.

This is also for your pet’s health. Nails that are too long can be broken, and it will cause severe pain for your dog.

So, if you want to keep your furriner safe, maintaining your dog’s hygiene is important. Not only nails, trimming your dog's hair from time to time will decrease shedding as well.  

Train Your Dog to Stay Away from Furniture

Basic training of a few months can help you to prevent your dog from damaging your furniture. Start by putting a dog bed near you, and teach your dog to sit in that bed rather than any couch or sofas.

If you see him on a couch, point him towards the bed. When he goes to the dog bed, greet him with a small treat. In the beginning, you may not be successful, but consistency is the key. Eventually, he will learn the hint. 

Final Thoughts

I’m all done! I’ve shared the best possible ways to protect your furniture from your dog. If you still have any queries regarding dog proof furniture, feel free to drop a comment in the below box.

Don’t forget to apply each of these tricks as you don’t know which one will turn out to be effective for your dog. Stay connected for more pet guides. Happy petting!

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