How Do You Control Dog Hair on Hardwood Floors? 5 Hacks You Must Know!

How Do You Control Dog Hair on Hardwood Floors? 5 Hacks You Must Know!

When you've got a fur-bud home, you can't really avoid hair on your hardwood floors. No matter how much you love your pup, when he sheds hair all over your carpet, sofa, under the furniture, it's quite hassling to keep every corner clean.

How Do You Control Dog Hair on Hardwood Floors?

Even your well-behaved pet probably doesn’t like doing so. But it is completely normal for a healthy dog also to shed hair on a daily basis. The scenario worsens when you don't have enough time to groom your buddy properly, or he is suffering from any skin disease.  

Pet parents with hardwood floors spend a lot of time cleaning it. But I think the love for the pet always wins. Removing hair from all the places has become an integral part of our household chores, but we ought to find an easier way to do it. 

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However, dogs really enjoy playing and scratching his own body which leads to tons of hair falling. The hair generally gets accumulated at the corners of hardwood floors, stuck on upholstery, or on your clothes.

Even if you find your pup's hair on food someday, don't get shocked. It's possible. My Husky friend has already shown me such days. Whenever I stepped into my home after returning from work, I used to see hair and hair all over my floor.

So I decided to put a stop to it and find out the best way to pick up dog hair on hardwood floors. And here I'm today guiding all the pet owners who are literally dying in quest of an answer to one question- 'How do you control dog hair on hardwood floors?' 

Relatable? Well, I am going to tell you 5 tricks, which will work like a spell. So, dive in! 

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair? 5 Things Worth a Try

Cleaning pet hair from hardwood floors is a tough job, but yes, there are certain ways to minimize the difficulties and do it conveniently. Regular sweeping can be a common practice to clean these types of floors, but a typical broom will only agitate the hair and make those fly in every corner of your house.

Even vacuum cleaners unspecified for cleaning pet hair will not work. So what is the best way to sweep up dog hair? Hold tight, you'll learn in a minute! 

Use Microfiber Mop or Duster

These handy tools are the best way of trapping and collecting your pup's hair on the floor. The microfibers create an electrostatic charge and attract the hair when you move it on the hardwood floor.

The best thing is, microfiber mops can collect fine dust particles along with short pet hairs easily. You can buy microfiber pads at any nearby stationary shop. Attach the pad on a mop head for better results.

But make sure you have dried out the water to avoid any damage to your hardwood floor. This hand and machine washable microfiber pads come at a pocket-friendly price. So you can get one easily.  

Use Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Using a pet hair Vacuum Cleaner is the best way to pick up dog hair on hardwood floors. You can use different types of vacuum cleaner like a handheld, upright canister or robotic vacuums. But since you need to clean a floor made of hardwood, make sure that the vacuum cleaner has hard floor filters, attachment, and most importantly strong suction power. 

Hardwood attachments are gentle on your floor and protect it from any scratch. The vacuum filter helps to trap microscopic pet dander. Alongside that, maintaining strong suction power is important. It will ensure even the finest far gets removed from the floor while cleaning. 

Use Rubber Broom

You can always use a rubber broom to remove the hair you furry friend shade on your hardwood. Actually, I found this as the best way to sweep up dog hair. Brooms made up of natural rubber easily attract animal fur from the floor. If your pet buddy spent a lot of time with you in the kitchen, it's just obvious that the floor surface will have hair all over. 

The worst part is this fur can easily go into your food. Using a vacuum cleaner or any other tool inside the kitchen is difficult. So, rubber brooms can give you the best result in that case. As you clean the area, you will find a lot of dog hair in the bristles of your broom. All you need to do is wash the broom with detergent and keep it ready for the next use. 

Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets can be extremely effective to clean floor corners and surfaces around the furniture. These surfaces are extremely difficult to clean. You can consider using a dampened dryer sheet. This will help you to collect a lot of loose hair around the corner.

Don’t find any of these options effective enough? Still wondering, how do you control dog hair on hardwood floors? Well, to ensure that your beloved pet dog shade minimum hair will be the best possible way to keep your floor clean. 

How to Reduce Shedding?

Frankly speaking, making sure that your furry friend shades less hair is the best you can try. And the good thing is that it is very much possible. Here is how-

  • Offer plenty of protein-rich food to your puppy. Protein encourages the growth of healthy fur, minimizing the damaged fur.
  • Trim your pet on a regular interval. This will ensure a minimum of loose hair and stop additional shedding.
  • Give a regular bath to your dog with proper shampoo. After that, don't forget to brush, it will remove most of the loose fur. 

That’s all! Now you know ‘how to get rid of dog hair?’ It’s your turn to apply these tricks and let me know in the comment box which one worked the best? If you know any more tricks other than these 5, also mention in the below box. Stay connected for more pet-guides. Adios!

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