Should I Leave Toys Out for My Dog while Going to Work?

Should I Leave Toys Out for My Dog while Going to Work?

Let's face it, no matter how much you love your fur-bud; he can't accompany you everywhere. You got to leave him home every day while going to work. So what does your pup do when you leave him alone at home? Couch surfing? Singing his heart out? Running after a squirrel in your yard? 

Well, some dogs develop the special skills of snoozing away the day. But some may need extra stimulation to stay happy while you're not with him. Else, his whole days of boredom and excess energy may lead to different behavioral disorders. Even someday, you can find your favorite couch is torn apart after returning home. Your dog has chewed every bit of it to his utter satisfaction and all these, just out of boredom.  

Channelizing your furry-friends energy into the right direction can prevent him from doing such wired stuff like digging your yard, chewing your shoes or furniture. And using toys to keep him engaged can be a great idea. I have mentioned the top 3 reasons which will answer your query- "Should I leave toys out for my dog?" Along with that, I have mentioned a few tricks other than no stuffing dog toys to keep your chewy friend playful throughout the day. Scroll down and have a look. 

Why Should I Leave Toys Out for My Dog?

During your absence, you don’t exactly know what would trigger your dog and how the way he will react to all those factors. Prevention is always better than cure. That's why you should ensure that you have provided your canine buddy with a handful and there is nothing to divert his attention, especially when you're unable to keep a check. Know all the reasons for leaving your buddy home with his favorite toys, below. 

Toys Make Your Dog Feel Relaxed 

A number of dog trainers suggest that you must manage your dog's space when they stay alone. This means you have to reduce your pup's potential of getting into trouble and remove the triggering factors. No rocket-science is there; you can just block the corners of your living room or create a special dog zone by keeping some doors closed to no-go areas.  

Keep your dog in your created specialized zone with a few safe dog toys without stuffing. You can add treats and comfort items also, which will fuel his excitement. If you don't have the leverage of sparing an entire room for your pup, a baby gate can help to separate a section of your house. Also, you must shut the curtains to reduce the barking triggers. Leaving a fan switched on can cover up the agitating outside sound so that your dog only sticks to his toys. 

Distractions Work Best for a Lonely Dog

Does your dog feel lonely while you're away? Does he burst out of anger when you return home? If yes, then these behaviors are the common indication that he felt lonely while staying home. To ensure you don't face the heat anymore, you can use chews as a good bet.  

Yes, buy some no splintering, no stuffing dog toys, and let him play with those when you are absent. There are many manufacturers who produce chews with dog-friendly flavors. You can buy some for your fur-buddy. Doing so will also promote his healthy teeth. 

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog!

Yes, you read it right. A tired dog is always a good dog. Make your dog exercise with a vigorous walk or just with a game of fetch. Then prepare his place with toys, food, and a comfy bed. Even if you leave after that, he will be all set to have a nice long snooze. The best thing is, whenever he wakes up, he is going to get all his favorites at a place. So, you don't have to stay concerned for him throughout the day as you would have already left enough to keep your pup engaged until you return. 

What Else Can I Offer My Dog to Keep Him Engaged During My Absence?

In addition to dog toys without stuffing, you can do a number of things to keep him entertained all through the day. I have listed the best ones, scroll down, and have a look.  

  1. You can splurge on the extra-cozy doggy beds. The comfier the bed is, the more relaxed the daytime rest will be for your dog. Who knows, he may grow the habit of snoozing through the day! 
  1. Does your pup love to watch TV shows or Animal Planet? Or is there any tune that keeps him engaged and entertained? If yes, try to leave your TV, or radio, or sound system on when you are at work. This will help him spending all those boring hours without your presence. 
  1. Try installing a pet can in your home. This will be really helpful and fun. Yes, pet cams provide a plethora of entertainment mileage for both of you. But you need to stay alert that using a pet cam can be addictive sometimes. With this device, you can watch and communicate with your pup from afar. A camera, laser pointer toy, and 2-way audio system is there to keep you both feel companied.  
  1. Plan a treasure hunt. Yes, if your dog loves surprise gifts or treats, you must plan a treasure hunt for him to keep him engaged. Mark his ways with the help of a rope and hide his favorite toy or a piece of cookie at different places. Instruct him to find all before you leave the house. Make sure he doesn’t get the leverage of going into no-go areas. Plan safely, and you might find your pup in a good mood after you return home. 

How Many Toys Should a Puppy Have?

While planing a good day for your pup, don't forget to limit the accessibility. I have heard many pet parents asking- how many toys should a puppy have? Well, to put it right, I’ll say, no matter whether you have 10 or 100 toys for your all-time companion, you must ensure that you don't spoil him with too many of his favorites. Else, it may create indifference and negate the purpose of giving him toys.  

Alongside, keep a few things in mind to make it a safe play for your buddy. Yes, size, age, breed-suitable, toxic level of toys- all matters while you choose a plaything for your dog. The toys must promote his good behavior, and offer mental, plus physical stimulation. So, next time when you're about to fill your pup's play box just adhere to these fundamentals.   

That’s all! Now you’re good to go out without keeping any worry about your pup’s loneliness, isn’t it? Let me know in the comment box below. Stay connected for more pet-guides. Adios!

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