Why Do Dogs Like to Cuddle? 3 Reasons Why You Should Cuddle Your Pet Every Day?

Why Do Dogs Like to Cuddle? 3 Reasons Why You Should Cuddle Your Pet Every Day?

Dogs and humans are together since the prehistoric times. Their love, care, affection, and protectiveness all made them form special bonds with humans.

The scene hasn't changed even a bit; instead, the companionship of humans and dogs has grown stronger with time.

Otherwise, could you ever imagine a super active pup lying beside you in the morning just to cuddle you?

Moreover, dogs love cuddling so much that they can easily bark “NO” to their favorite toys just to snuggle up with you. So, why do dogs like to cuddle?  

Well, your fur-baby loves cuddling so much because this act of love gives him warmth, a sense of security, protection, and a feeling of absolute fondness.

So, next time whenever your pup is smashing his toy on your leg and jumps on your lap, don't brush him off as an annoying inconvenience. Rather, stop whatever you are doing, pull him closer and give him all the attention, time, and affection he is craving for.

Cuddling with your dog is not only a gesture of love but also it's really good for both of you. You must do it more often, especially because there is a science behind it. Wondering what? Stay glued to know why do dogs like to cuddle and why you should do it every day. All details on the way! 

"All my dog wants to do is cuddle"- Why?

Have you ever seen a pile of puppies? If yes, then you know how they stay snuggled up with each other. There is a reason behind it. Almost every type of breeds needs cuddling to keep their body warm.

I mean, when we catch a cold, we use blankets or an extra layer of clothing to keep our bodies warm. But it's not that simple for our canine friends. So, they just come to us and coil themselves on our lap.  

Is it all about dogs-feeling-cold then? No. To put it right, I would say there are many reasons behind dog cuddling with owner, other than just getting warmth.

Leo, my GSD, wants to cuddle every time after having food. Why? Because he tries to show me that he doesn't think I am only a feeding machine to him. He shows gratitude and praises me for his food, with a cuddle. 

Also, whenever I'm in a bad mood, Leo comes to me and cuddles me to make me understand that he is there, nothing to worry! Yes, my vet helped me to understand all the reasons like protectiveness, or affection, behind dog's cuddling.

Along with that, my vet advised me not to ignore, and to cuddle Leo more often. Just like you, I wondered and asked why? Then she told me all the scientific reasons behind it. Guess what?

Now I get into a bad mood, though, but a quality cuddle-time with my Leo makes my day. If your dog loves to cuddle also, trust me, you’re a lucky guy, and you must do it every day. I am going to explain why.  

Why You Must Provide Your Dog with a Good Cuddle-Time?

Before you check out the reasons, I want to ensure one thing. Cuddling with your pet means holding your pup close in your arms and showing him love or affection. It is not hugging.

Moreover, many dog breeds don't like hugs at all, especially bear-type hugs. Actually, it has been proved that hugging dogs triggers their negative behavior or causes anxiety.

So, pay attention to whether your dog is reciprocating with your type of cuddling or moving away from you. If he loves your way, just do it every day. Have a look at the reasons now.  

Cuddling Improves Both of Your Health

Humans and dogs both have the primary need for physical contact. When you cuddle your pup, it stimulates the production of the Oxytocin ("love hormone") in both of your brains.

This same hormone gets released during childbirth or breastfeeding. Oxytocin is associated with a feeling of love, empathy, trust, and strong bond formation. 

A good cuddle-time also prevents the cortisol ("stress hormone") production. Cortisol can lead to reduced immune function, excessive weight gain, losing agility, and different problems.

So, cuddling with your pup will help you in staying healthy in a way. It also plays a major role in reducing heart rate, blood pressure, or even stimulating muscle gain.

The best part is, your pup will also stay healthy. So, what do you think? Shouldn’t you cuddle your dog more often? 

Cuddling Relieves Anxiety and Depression

Did you know that cuddling stimulates the release of the nervous chemical messenger- neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine? Yes, these hormones relieve depression and make you feel happier.

Not only you, but your fur-baby also feels the same way after 10 or 15 minutes of a cuddle. Holding or soothing your pet also helps in combating anxiety. The calming effect helps both of you to focus on the present moment. 

In this time of busy life schedule, we don't get much time to give our body or mind enough stimulation. Alongside this, we also lack to pay enough attention to our pets. But 10 or 15 minutes of everyday cuddle time can fill the gap. So, if your dog loves to cuddle, just go for it.  

Cuddling Helps to Stay in Tune with Your Pet's Health 

Your dog can't tell you verbally if anything is wrong with their physique. So, cuddling him every day will help you to stay in tune with your pup's health.

While stroking, you must notice if there is any bump or lump on his body, or any bad odor, or sensitive areas like his belly are completely fine or not.

With its own benefits, cuddling will help you to keep track of your dog from head to toe as well.  

I have stated all the reasons behind dog cuddling with owner. Also, mentioned why cuddling is important.

It's your turn to let me know how cuddling uplifted your mood or how it helped you, in the comment section below. Stay connected for more pet guides. Happy petting!

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