5 Indoor Activities for Dogs to Keep Them Entertained During Quarantine

5 Indoor Activities for Dogs to Keep Them Entertained During Quarantine

Is it raining outside? Did your pup just miss his daily evening walk? Is he getting bored and whining all the time?

Well, it's quite frustrating for your dog when bad weather spoils his day out. Rainy days, extreme temperature fall, snowstorms, or the newly introduced quarantine anything can get in the way of your pup's well planed outdoor exercise schedule.

Only couch-surfing or snoozing won't work. Especially if you're petting a super active puppy, you have to have unique ideas to keep him busy and entertained. Else you may find your carpet got rugged or strings coming out from your favorite couch.  

Yes, all these destructive sights are pretty obvious if your pup is getting really bored while staying inside. All his pent up agitation gets burst out on the materials of your house.

So, giving him complete attention or performing some indoor activities together, will prevent your pup from showing such behavior and keep him entertained alongside. The best part is, the bond between you two will become stronger. So, how to entertain a dog? 

Fortunately, there are a handful of indoor activities for dogs. I have picked the top 5 ones, which won't consume your much time, plus, doable with home resources.

These activities will not only provide him with mental stimulation to keep him happy but also, make your furbaby stay well-exercised while having fun.

So, check out the top 5 ways to keep your dog entertained and start your pup's indoor exercise regime today. 

How to Play with a Dog while Staying Indoor?

Just because you are stuck inside, you really don't have to let the weather or any reason spoil your day with your dog.

While staying indoors, your furry kid can have the same fun that he usually gets during outdoor playtimes.

So, without further second's delay, let's have a look at the list and make sure your pup doesn't go stir-crazy while spending quarantine days. 

Basic Obedience Practice Training

You can run through the training sessions anytime. It's always good to practice training again and again until your pup understands all your commands.

When you've got plenty of time indoors, it's a good opportunity to make the most of it.

Even if your dog is well familiar with the basic commands, training sessions are still exciting and fun for your pup. You can add complex commands also in your obedience training list.  

If you want to take the fun a bit up the notch, teach your pup a few simple tricks. Yes, teaching him to balance a toy on the nose or rolling over will also be great entertainment for your dog.

You can also help him in learning the names of his toys and then ask him to bring one by calling its name. When it comes to practicing training, possibilities are endless. 

Plan a Treat Hunt

This is my favorite one. I really enjoy watching my Neo finding out a treat and jumping out of gaiety. This game involves your pup's two favorite nature- sniffing and eating/getting gits.

To set up the course, you need to first put your dog out of sight, maybe in a separate room. Then, take a handful of great-smelling treats, which you know your dog strives to have.

Now hide the treats behind the doors, or under a table, within a box, or wherever you want to. Just make sure all the places are safe for your pup and he won't get hurt while hunting the treasure.  

Once you are done with the setup, let your furry-bud out. He will smell the hidden treats immediately and start sniffing around.

When he finds one, encourage him more to find the rest. You may have to keep an eye on him and guide him throughout the process. But it's one of the best indoor activities for dogs to have fun. 

Play Tug-of-War

Does your pup understand the basic commands like "release," "pull," "stop," and "hold"? If yes, then playing tug-of-war is one of the best ways to keep your dog entertained.

You just need a little open space and a strong rope. This activity can provide both of you with some good exercises, especially when you two really get into it. 

Before you play, make sure there is no breakable object in the vicinity. Else both of you can get hurt.

Use a smaller sized rope so that your pup stays close to you.

As he understands all the basic commands, playing tug-of-war indoor should be a cakewalk for you. This game renders good mental and physical stimulation to your dog.  

Try Indoor Fetch

I know playing fetch is certainly a type of outdoor activity, but you can play it indoor too.

Yes, you have to have open space- your balcony, dining space, or yard, anything would work.

Since your pup won't be able to run across the fields, still you can offer him a good course of exercise by playing fetch.

Before starting, make sure no fragile or glass items are there which can be broken with a hit.  

Take a softball or your pup's favorite toy and toss it in a short distance. Ask your dog to catch it and bring it back to you.

It's better to avoid Freesbis or any hard toy while playing inside. You can use multiple toys or take your dog's favorite cookie to make the game more interesting and engaging.

Use Interactive Toys

Making your dog play with some interactive toys can be a great way to keep him engaged, plus, give him enough mental stimulations. These toys continuously interact with your pup.

You can hide kibble or another treat within these toys and ask your pup to get it. Your dog needs to have some skill and has to know the trick to open it up and find what's inside.

Get two or three interactive toys and hide small rewards. Then let your pup figure out how to get it. You can just sit to watch or keep him cheering throughout the time.  

Products like treat balls, or kong toys can be a good choice for you as these ones allow you to stuff soft food inside. Your dog has to lick, chew, even throw these toys to get the food.

Also, there are many puzzle toys available in the market which allow you to hide treats inside the food pockets. You can use one to make it more interesting for your dog. 

Wrapping up...

Now you know how to play with a dog during quarantine as I have shared the top 5 indoor activities for dogs. It's your turn to perform all of these and let me know in the comment box which one made your puppy happiest? Stay connected for more pet guides. Adios!

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