6 Cool Games to Play with Your Dog!

6 Cool Games to Play with Your Dog!

Is your dog bored of catching the same Frisbee again and again? Do you think it's time to introduce him to some new and cool dog games?

If yes, you are just in the right place. Here I am going to share the 6 best games to play with your dog.

No matter whether you want to revamp his daily exercise routine or give him enough idcause to stay interested in playing, these games are going to give you a handful feasts to keep your pup engaged. 


Well, playing with your dog really helps in making your bond stronger. Plus, your dog stays happy, active, along with mentally and physically fit.

The best part is, while playing, your furbaby gets your complete attention, which probably is the first thing in the world that your pup wants.

So, whenever you are off the work schedule and got enough time, just pick any of these below-mentioned ideas and be ready to challenge your dog in order to make him smarter only.  

If you are one of those pet parents who get compelled to leave their canine friends alone at home, use the playtime wisely.

As you don't get enough time to spend with your pup, showing him love, affection, and keeping him hooked during playing will strengthen your companionship.

The good thing is, you don't need a lot of resources to treat your pup with that precious 30 or 40 minutes of playtime every day.

If you play the right kind of games, your dog will thank you later as he’ll get a good snooze time after all those flurries of frenzied activities.

So, without further second’s delay, let’s have a look at the list of the top 6 games to play with your dog. Here you go! 

How to Play with Your Dog in Different Ways?

Many pet owners think that basic obedience training and fetching these two come under the dog games only. But it's not true at all.

There are plenty of fun games and interactive games that can gift you both a wonderful hour.

So, next time, whenever you're stuck at home, or it's raining outside, or got pleasant weather outside, just pick a game from the below list and enjoy your time together. 

 #Indoor Games

Find the Treasure

As you know, dogs have some amazing sense of smell. They have almost 45 times more scent receptors than humans. So, what can be better than using their strength in a mold of fun exercise?

Yes, I know it's good. All you have to do is, find a few small boxes, and arrange those upsides down, in a circle. Now hide kibble or his favorite toy underneath one of those boxes.

Next, encourage your pup to sniff and find the one with hidden treasure. Once he does so, you must praise him, show him some affection, and of course, reward him the treasure.

This is one of the cool dog games that you can play indoor. If you want, you can use snuffle mats to hide the treats also.  

Play Hide-and-Seek

Almost all of us have loved playing hide-and-seek in our childhood, so why not introduce your pup with the game and rekindle your memories in a fun way?

I know it's not about you, but trust me, your furbaby is going to love it. However, your pup has to understand the basic commands like "sit," "stay," "come" to play this game.

Start with leading him to a room and asking him to stay there. Next, go to another room or at a different location and hide.

At this point, call his name and encourage him to find you. When he comes and finds you, treat him with a piece of his favorite cookie or whatever you think your dog will like.  

Plan an Obstacle Course 

Now this one is total fun because you can take household items and make a DIY obstacle course for your pup. Make it as difficult as you want.

You can place treats at different points to keep him encouraged throughout the playtime. To do so, all you have to do is, take broken boxes, place chairs to make your pup crawl through.

Also, you can add stacks of books or big cushions to make him jump. Add cones or poles to restrict his movements.

And, don't forget to mark his path with the help of a rope or just chalk it out with directions. This way, your dog will get both of the mental and physical simulations in a fun-packed way.  

#Outdoor Games

Go for a Cardio Twist (Agility Training)

Agility training is a superb way to spend quality time outside with your pup. It includes exercises that will improve your dog's behavior and provide a good quotient of mental stimulation in a fun way.

So, how to play with your dog then? Well, you'll need an open space first to set up poles using household objects like chairs, stands, even your friends or family members can also be the pole to make your pup weave around.

Initially, you can maneuver around the poles to make your pup run behind you through the same path. When your dog becomes familiar, let him do this on his own. You can create different patterns and when your dog completes each, treat him instantly. 

Make a Splash!

Is your dog a water baby? If yes, then nothing can be better than splashing in the water, especially on a hot summer day.

If you have a lake or any water body nearby, take your pup out there and take balls or other floating toys. Don't forget the life jacket for your dog, though. Fetching in the water will really unleash the pool of enjoyment in your dog.

Plus, swimming is excellent exercise. Splashing in the water will burn off lots of energy and cool him down at the same time. So, it's a win-win situation for you and your pup both.  

Teach Football

Undoubtedly, playing football is great fun. So, why not make your pup explore the sporty side of him? Take a quick training session with your dog and teach him how to pass the ball or dodge with his head.

Just make sure that you pick the right-sized ball, which will easily come into the grab of your pup. Else, you may end up hurting him. If you search a bit, you may find footballs customized for dogs only.

However, keep the ball under your control and ask your up to nudge it with his nose. He will jump out of excitement; stop him from getting too carried away. Instead, teach him to tackle the ball until he successfully dribbles it. When he does, don't forget to treat him. 

That’s all! I have shared the best indoor and outdoor games to play with your dog. Now, whenever you get time, make the most of it, and build a great bonding between you two.

Also, use the time to develop the mental and physical skills of your pup. If you have new gaming ideas, do share in the comment box below. Stay connected for more pet-guides. Happy Petting!

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