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The 7 Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

The 7 Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

Giving gifts to animal lovers can be difficult if you don’t have any pets yourself. People with dogs or cats tend to treat their animals as their children and have a special connection with their pets. When you can find the perfect gift for an animal lover that incorporates their pets, the gift is sure to be a hit. If you’re feeling stuck on what the perfect gift is for the animal lover in your life, check out our list of favorites!

1. Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case
Custom pet portrait phone case | GoMine
Any animal lover wants to have a picture of their pet with them everywhere to go! If you know the type of phone the person you’re buying for has, all you have to do is upload a photo of their pet, and you can have a custom phone case created! The portraits on these phone cases are hand-drawn and made to order with worldwide shipping available! Another option is to upload the photo and use the photograph as the image rather than having the photo drawn. Check out our Custom pet photo phone case.

2. Custom Pet Cushions
Custom pet photo pillow | GoMine
Pet lovers have their animal’s photos on everything, and if they don’t have a set of pillows, they will love having one! Custom pet photo pillows are always a great gift for pet lovers because they can use them on their couch, chairs, or their beds! These pillowcases come in many different background colors and are handmade to order.

3. Matching Pet and Owner Outfits
Matching Dog and Owner Sweater | GoMine
You’ve seen parents dressing their children in outfits that match, and pet owners can do the same! These matching outfits for dogs and cats with their owners are a hilarious gift that pet owners will love and appreciate. You’re not just getting a gift for the pet owner, but the pet too! A true animal lover will appreciate the gesture. You can choose t-shirts, hoodies, or sweaters!

4. Custom Pet Portrait Blankets
Pet portrait fleece blanket | GoMine
There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a beautiful, soft, warm blanket, except a blanket with a picture of your pet on it! These custom blankets are perfect for any pet owner and are made of incredibly soft fleece. They are offered in three sizes—puppy, twin, and king-size, and up to three pet portraits can be designed onto the blanket. There are also many background colors to choose from, so you can match the pet owner’s favorite. The photos are also hand-drawn from the photograph, and each blanket is made to order.

5. Pet Portrait Coffee Mugs
Custom Pet Portrait Mugs | GoMine
Whether you love coffee or hot tea, most people love receiving mugs as gifts. There’s a mug for every occasion, and mugs with hand-drawn portraits of pets are also a great gift to give that anyone will love. Coffee mugs are also excellent gifts for people you don’t know too personally, such as office colleagues or teachers. If the person you’re buying for isn’t a coffee drinker, you can choose one of these awesome personalized pet water bottles instead!

6. Pet Portrait Tote Bags
Custom Pet Portrait Tote Bags | GoMine
Tote bags are so fun and functional, and animal lovers enjoy cute pet tote bags that feature their very own best friend! These tote bags can be used for traveling, grocery shopping, carrying books, or taking pet toys to the dog park or other fun places. Up to two pets can be featured on these personalized tote bags, but there are many colors to choose from, and each portrait is hand-drawn. We love that these tote bags are rather large at 14” wide and 16” tall. They are also machine washable and extremely durable.

7. Pet Table Night Lamp
Pet Table Night Lamp
A beautiful table lamp is always an essential element to enrich the home's environment. This custom made table lamp is the best way to brighten your home with your lovely furry friends! The table lamp is an excellent gift for your pet lover friends if you don't have a good photo of their pet. Just send the picture to us and GoMine's designer will draw the portrait for you! You can also put the name or text on the lamp.

Gifts for pet lovers are easy because so long as you incorporate their pets, they will love the gift! From phone cases to pillowcases or even matching outfits, there are many perfect gifts for animal lovers that you can choose from that will make their special occasion the best it can be! Check out the entire collection NOW! 
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