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Gifts for Grieving Pet Owners

Gifts for Grieving Pet Owners

Losing a pet is a hard thing to endure for anyone who loves animals. Dogs, cats, and other pets are part of the family, and losing them is difficult to get through, and it is important that friends and family members be there for the grieving family.

There are some gifts for the grief-stricken that will certainly help them through the painful process. No matter the person, they can use these gifts to ease their pain by knowing that people care about them and their family enough to gift them something in their time of pain.

A Few Helpful Tips on Buying Gifts for Grieving Pet Owners

It does need to be said that before anyone buys a gift for a pet owner who just lost their pet that they should consider the type of person they are and if a particular gift would make them feel better or worse. Use your best judgment because you know them best.

And, if you are having trouble finding the perfect gift, simply insist on them sitting down with you so you both can look at possible gifts they might want. Because that’s what a good friend or family member does.

Four Unique and Customizable Gifts for Grieving Pet Owners

  1. Custom Pet Photo Pillow

Custom Pet Photo Pillows_GoMIne

These pillows come in different shapes and sizes so a photo of the animal can be printed on the pillow in stunning quality.

Pets make us feel warm and comfortable, and a grieving pet owner can still have that by cuddling up with a pillow with their favorite pet on it.

This gift will mean a lot to people because they can see their best friend every day and never forget them. Plus, the pillow itself is super comfortable and soft and is affordable for anyone.

The shape of the pillow is actually based on the shape of the cropped image you select at the time of purchase. This design style cuts down on material cost, in which those savings are then passed onto the customer, but it also provides an even more unique product that any pet owner will love.

  1.  Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case

Custom Pet Photo Phone Case_GoMine

This gift is available in many different colors that men, women, and kids will enjoy. No matter what phone you have, whether it is an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Google, or any other phone, you can get a custom case made with a pet’s picture on it.

The photo isn’t transferred onto the phone case directly, though. The image of the pet is enhanced and changed into what looks like a cartoon drawing of high quality, instead of using a real image. This creates a unique kind of gift that required a professional artist which will be very appreciated by the grieving pet owner.

The phone case themselves are lightweight, but durable, and are made with quality materials. Every case fits every model of phone perfectly, and they will have their favorite pet right there to remind them of the love they had for so long.

This gift is affordable for anyone and can be customized to have the pet’s name or a saying along with the image on the phone case.

  1. Customized Pet LED Table Lamp

Custom Pet LED Table Lamp - GoMine

This idea is quite genius and deserves a top spot on the list, because you won’t find another gift like this one. When you think of a table lamp as a gift, you may picture a regular old lamp with maybe a small picture on the bottom or something.

However, what you’ll get with this gift is a brilliant lamp that is shaped like the pet you wish to memorialize. The light fixture turns and twists to form the shape of the favorite cat, dog, or other animal and lights up the room easily.

When you upload an image of a pet, an artist at the company draws the pet by hand, and it is that drawn image that is used to make the lamp. This process ensures that every lamp is a hundred percent unique. Every unique detail that made that animal unique is captured by the artist.

There are a few other customizable features, too. You may select up to two pets to feature on the lamp, which they will be made side-by-side, and one may be a bit smaller than the other. You may also select to include a simple on/off switch, or to have a dimmer dial installed. There is also an option for a custom engraving, which can be put on the lamp itself, or on the base. The engraving is for the pet’s name, and possibly a short saying, or the years that they lived.

This lamp is a fantastic idea to help heal a grieving pet owner. And, it’s completely affordable, which isn’t common with fully customized products as unique as these lamps are.

  1. Customized Pet Portrait Blankets

A blanket is a perfect gift for a pet owner experiencing loss. Cuddling up with pets is something everyone loves to do, and that doesn’t have to stop when they have a blanket to keep them and the memories of their beloved pets warm and cozy.

These blankets are made of a soft fleece material that is machine washable and come in three sizes: Throw blanket (puppy-sized), twin, and king. Up to three animals’ images may be displayed on the blanket. Many different background colors are available to contrast perfectly with the image of the pet on the blanket.

The images you upload are redone by a professional artist, whose aim is to capture the top half of the animal, and mostly the face. This creates a unique image that captures everything that made that pet who they were.

This gift will never go unappreciated. It captures the essence of the pet while providing warmth and comfort to those grieving at their loss.

The Best Gift You Can Give

While these gifts are amazing, the real gift is having a friend or family member care enough about the pet owners and how they feel, and any pet parent will love whatever you get them. Losing a pet is hard, and takes time to heal, but with a loving, caring person like you around, the grieving process is a whole lot easier.

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